Yes! Please discuss with our catering coordinator to discuss options.

Yes! Please discuss with our catering coordinator to discuss options.

Yes! We can provide a variety of drinks, including canned soda, bottled water, punch or lemonade (served in a dispenser), and coffee.

Yes! We offer three different types of plates: paper, foam, and plastic. Fine china available upon request.

Yes! We offer two types of cups: plastic and foam. Glass cups available upon request.

Yes! We can provide a plastic silverware pack that includes a spoon, fork, knife, and napkin. Metal silverware available upon request. 

Yes! We offer three types of napkins: paper, rolling napkins with ring, or cloth napkin.

It depends on your setup. There are a few options:

We can deliver it as a drop-off in an aluminum pan that you can later throw away.

We can deliver in an aluminum pan with a rack chafing dish for $12.00 extra (includes wire rack and water pan).

We can deliver in a metal/stainless steel chafing dish (comes with delivery, setup, clean-up, and serving utensils). If you don’t want setup/clean-up, you will be responsible to return the chafing dish and warmers. If you’d like us to pick up the chafing dishes, we can schedule a time for an additional cost.

We calculate delivery by miles. We charge $3.00/mile.

If you’d like extra staffing to help serve at your event, please request ahead of time so we can schedule accordingly. For every extra staff member, we charge $15/hr.

We work with third-party entertainers, including live bands, hula dancers, and fire dancers. Please contact us and we’ll connect you with the right people.

We’ve served a wide variety of events, from as little as 15 people to 3,000 people. We’ve served sporting events, festivals, weddings, birthdays—you name it. We’ve also served large corporate companies including Walmart, The Home Depot, Arizona Cardinals, Costco, and Real Salt Lake.